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Lifestyle Coaching for Career Transition - A case study

Updated: May 24

Photo of smiling mixed race woman sitting at a table, with black curly hair, black glasses and black hoodie
Juliet (Dolly) Dean, client & lifestyle coaching client of Claire Carpenter


Client: Juliet (Dolly) Dean

Type of Coaching: Lifestyle Coaching

Dates: Late 2012 to early 2013

Number of Sessions: 4

Delivery: In-person meetings in Edinburgh


Dolly, nearing retirement age, was approaching the end of a long-term contract and desired a smooth transition out of full-time corporate work. She felt stuck between the security of a traditional career path and the desire for a more fulfilling and flexible work style.


  • Gain clarity on her ideal work environment and lifestyle preferences.

  • Develop a plan for transitioning to a portfolio career with freelance work and diverse income streams.

  • Explore new career options and interests.


  • Dolly gained a deeper understanding of the work conditions that make her thrive (e.g., collaboration and smaller organisations).

  • She received ‘internal permission’ to pursue a non-traditional path and explore a portfolio career.

  • Dolly felt empowered to step away from the pressure of climbing the corporate ladder and a ‘job with status’.

Here, you can watch or listen to Dolly's 25-minute video testimonial and conversation about Lifestyle coaching with Claire:


"Four sessions are useful, but probably not quite enough. Reconnecting with Claire reaffirmed the value of the coaching – it helped me develop a solid portfolio career plan. Now, I'm navigating the uncertainties of this transition, but the plan is still there, and I feel I have the structure to move forward, thanks to Claire's guidance."

key takeaways for Dolly

  • Identified ideal work environment characteristics.

  • Developed a plan for a portfolio career.

  • Gained confidence to pursue a non-traditional path.

  1. Importance of Coaching Relationship: Dolly emphasises the importance of a strong coach-client relationship built on trust, responsiveness, and open communication. She highlights the value of "chemistry" and finding a coach whose style aligns with your preferences.

  2. Benefits of Regularity and Accountability: Dolly acknowledges the value of more frequent coaching sessions and accountability check-ins for staying on track.

  3. Coach's Investment and Energy: Dolly appreciates Claire's genuine interest, curiosity, and positive energy, which contribute to a motivating coaching experience.

Dolly's testimonial

"Through coaching, I gained the confidence to break free from the corporate mould and pursue a work life that truly aligns with my values and passions. Claire's supportive guidance helped me navigate this transition with clarity and purpose."

- Juliet (Dolly) Dean

Why choose Claire Carpenter for executive leadership and lifestyle coaching?

  • Empowers & Gets Results: Claire creates a supportive environment where you can gain clarity, develop a plan, and achieve your goals, just like Juliet who transitioned to a portfolio career.

  • Intuitive & Engaging: Claire tailors her approach to your needs, offering insightful guidance and a positive, energetic style that keeps you motivated.

  • Flexible & Committed: Claire is open to exploring different coaching formats and truly invested in your success, ensuring a collaborative journey towards your full potential.

If like Dolly, you're working through a career change or other sort of life transition and would like support and guidance, feel free to drop me an email to enquire.


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