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Empowering Leadership at Edinburgh Open Workshop - A case study

Updated: May 13

Photo of smiling mixed race woman sitting at a table, with black curly hair, black glasses and black hoodie
Natasha "Tash" Lee-Walsh, social enterprise leader & coaching client of Claire Carpenter


Client: Natasha Lee-Walsh, Managing Director, Edinburgh Open Workshop (EOW)

Type of Coaching: Executive Coaching

Dates: From March 2023

Number of Sessions: 5 so far

Delivery: Online


Leading EOW through expansion while lacking experience in certain areas, and wanting to develop a more empowering leadership style.


  • Gain self-awareness and understanding of personal leadership style.

  • Improve decision-making confidence and trust in intuition.

  • Foster a more empowering and collaborative team environment at EOW.

Here, you can watch or listen to Natasha's 4-minute video testimonial about Executive & Leadership coaching with Claire:


  • Increased self-awareness and clarity on personal values and strengths.

  • Ability to make decisions with confidence and overcome self-doubt.

  • Transition from micro-management to a more empowering leadership style.

  • Improved team dynamics and collaboration within EOW.


"Through coaching with Claire, I learned to approach challenges with calmness and self-reflection. I no longer beat myself up for mistakes, but rather explore them as opportunities for growth. I'm able to make decisions with confidence and empower my team to do the same. This has led to a more positive and productive work environment at EOW."
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key takeaways for Natasha's organisation

  1. Investing in your leaders' coaching empowers them to make sound decisions and foster a thriving organisational culture. Natasha's experience demonstrates how coaching equipped her to navigate steps towards expansion, make confident choices, and ultimately lead a more engaged and productive team.

  2. An empowering leadership style leads to increased team engagement, productivity, and overall success. By transitioning from micromanagement to a more trusting and collaborative approach, Natasha fosters a positive work environment where team members thrived and EOW prepares for growth.

  3. Coaching creates a safe space for self-discovery and fosters skills essential for navigating organisational growth. Coaching provided Natasha with a space to reflect, gain self-awareness, and develop crucial leadership skills like effective communication, delegation, and decision-making; enabling her to successfully lead EOW and prepare for its expansion phase.

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Natasha's testimonial

"I chose Claire ultimately because of her experience. In her professional life she was also the developer of a shared working space. At the time what I needed was coaching and mentoring to understand what my space needed in order to grow, and grow well and sustainably. And actually what I got was a lot more than that! So it's been great!"

- Natasha Lee-Walsh

Why choose Claire Carpenter for executive leadership and lifestyle coaching?

  • Extensive experience supporting leaders and organisations in achieving their goals.

  • Unique approach combining coaching expertise with business development and leadership knowledge.

  • Proven track record of empowering leaders and fostering organisational success.

If you're a social enterprise leader like Natasha and would love to also get great results like these, feel free to drop me an email to enquire.


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