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  • Claire Carpenter

Taking Charge of Health and Security - A case study

Photo of smiling mixed race woman sitting at a table, with black curly hair, black glasses and black hoodie
Dan Higginson, client & lifestyle coaching client of Claire Carpenter


Client: Dan Higginson

Type of Coaching: Lifestyle Coaching

Dates: Sessions spread over

several years

Delivery: In-person meetings


Dan was experiencing periodontal disease and

avoiding addressing it due to fear and

procrastination. He also desired stability and

security through homeownership but struggled

to overcome anxieties and commit to buying a flat.


  • Improve overall health and well-being through proper dental care.

  • Achieve financial security and stability by purchasing a home.

Here, you can watch or listen to Dan's 4-minute video testimonial about Lifestyle coaching with Claire:


  • Dan addressed his dental issues by scheduling appointments with a periodontist. ("...It has massive implications for me doing my job. I work face to face with people. So it's very important to have good dental hygiene...")

  • He successfully purchased a flat, achieving his goal of homeownership.


“For years, I wanted to buy a home but kept putting it off. Coaching helped me overcome my anxieties and achieve my goal of homeownership. I now have the security and stability I was looking for."

key takeaways for Dan

  1. Overcoming Procrastination: Coaching helped Dan break through avoidance patterns and take action on his health and future. ("...coaching is such a brilliant enabling process and gets me to take action...").

  2. Shifting Mindset: Through coaching, Dan recognised the long-term benefits of prioritising his dental health and becoming a homeowner.

  3. Accountability Partnership: The coaching sessions provided a supportive structure with a sense of friendly accountability.

Dan's testimonial

"Claire creates a brilliant environment that enables me to get to the point of being impelled to solve my own problems. And I guess that's why I chose Claire. She works in a way where she doesn't push you and she doesn't solve the problem for you, but she doesn't let you off the hook. She challenges you to deal with the issue that you've been avoidant of, so that's very much why I really enjoyed working with her."

- Dan Higginson

Why choose Claire Carpenter for executive leadership and lifestyle coaching?

  • Action-Oriented Approach: Claire's coaching style focuses on moving beyond talk and taking concrete steps towards goals.

  • Supportive Challenge: Claire provides a safe space for clients to face their challenges while offering encouragement and guidance.

  • Empowering Environment: Claire creates an environment that empowers clients to find their own solutions and take ownership of their goals.

If you're an individual like Dan looking to successfully work through some personal challenges and goals, feel free to drop me an email to enquire.


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