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Press & Media

Discussions I've participated in

I'm proud to be a trusted contributor to many coworking events, discussions and podcasts. Here are links to the external talks I have delivered as a thought leader inthe coworking Industry.

Coworking Europe: How independent Coworking operators can develop singular strategies in a consolidating market?

Claire Carpenter joins the panel,  for CWE 2021

Coworking Europe - Shut down and rebirth, a story of coworking resilience

Claire Carpenter in talks with Coworking Europe about The Melting Pot Coworking Space.

CEIS conference: Coworking & the Future Office.

Claire Carpenter, CEO, The Melting Pot outlines the benefits of co-working and collaboration for CEIS.

Coworking: the rise of a movement and hybridisation of industry 

In The Business & Management Collection, Henry Stewart Talks. 

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