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Coaching Testimonials and Case Studies

Natasha Lee-Walsh

"I initially approached Claire with a very definite idea of what work coaching would do. I thought I might get some pointers on how to be a better leader as we navigate a particular business journey. I got that, but I was also afforded time to focus on myself, identify and celebrate the small wins that add up to the big ones and to reframe anxiety into something useful.


Claire was able to guide me in such a way that none of this was too daunting, and I'm energised and ready to take the next step and whatever might come after that!"

Watch Natasha's 4-minute video testimonial about Executive & Leadership coaching with Claire. You can also read her full written case study here.

Dan Higginson

"Claire creates a brilliant environment that enables me to get to the point of being impelled to solve my own problems. And I guess that's why I chose Claire.


She works in a way where she doesn't push you and she doesn't solve the problem for you, but she doesn't let you off the hook.


She challenges you to deal with the issue that you've been avoidant of, so that's very much why I really enjoyed working with her."

Watch Dan's 4-minute video testimonial about Lifestyle coaching with Claire. You can also read his full written case study here.

Juliet (Dolly) Dean

"Through coaching, I gained the confidence to break free from the corporate mould and pursue a work life that truly aligns with my values and passions. Claire's supportive guidance helped me navigate this transition with clarity and purpose."

Jane Bruce

“Claire is a brilliant coach. She listens with compassion and empathy and I can feel her genuine support and good intent as we go through sessions. She uses questions to skilfully frame our conversations and to usefully challenge my thinking and keep me moving forward.


Claire draws upon her deep experience of leadership and development practice to increase the impact of her coaching. I would highly recommend Claire as a coach.”

Rachel Caplan

“Claire, you truly helped me navigate through a difficult time professionally and personally. Thank you for your skill and thoughtful support in the coaching process.


You helped me find new clarity and purpose. I feel that now I have a map for the way ahead for many years to come. Thank you!”

Hannah Clinch

"We all know change is hard, but when trying to change systems for good is your purpose and business then it can be really hard to find support that understands this landscape.


Years of experience at the cutting edge of social innovation in Scotland makes Claire a brilliant listener and advocate."

Mojca Becaj

"I was really pleased to have Claire as a coach over the 6 sessions in 2021/22, when I started my first CEO role in the third sector. It was interesting to explore what was current for me at the time I was new in my new role and lean into coaching space for support - I was able to be vulnerable and share any challenges or difficulties.


Through coaching, Claire helped me to keep my perspective and I found her very present, supportive and understanding of where I was.


I would highly recommend working with Claire, not just to people who are starting up in the new role, but also to anyone who wants a sounding board and a bounce of some ideas, business models, strategies etc."

Kieran Daly

"Claire gave me an introductory coaching session that I found really impactful. It helped me organise my thoughts on my values and how I want to show up as a leader, teammate and more generally in my day-to-day life.


I love Claire’s authenticity and ability to truly listen and ask the right questions to get you to some clear actions that had been bouncing around in my mind. She’s a great coach and an expert in the world of social enterprise and innovation, so the session really suited me."

Karen Grant

“Claire is a very focused and engaged coach who works hard to try to get a positive outcome for her clients. She has a vast bank of experience of tools she has used in her own successful business and projects, and she shares these generously.


She is kind and thoughtful but also sharp and clear-sighted. She can identify when a particular tool might help someone. She is careful to look at individual life goals within the bigger picture of overall wellbeing, and that helps ensure that a positive path is taken.”

Katch Holmes

"I had a short conversation with Claire and correspondence through messages after this. The interaction was very helpful. Claire is confident, to the point and very action led. She galvanised and helped empower me to move forward with something that felt daring, but probably wasn’t really.


She supported me to do the thing that I was pretty sure I should do, but was afraid to do it. She then supported the aftermath of doubt, helping me remember why I took the stance I did and how this stands to benefit me in the long term."

Alex Hannant

"I worked with Claire to support me through a period of transition that I wanted to navigate as well as I could. She balanced an enabling coaching experience with the underlying credibility of lived experience.


Claire has huge integrity and a genuine interest in the wellbeing of the people she works with. Our conversations helped me keep present, reflect on what was most important, and flip the subconscious to the conscious. Hugely valuable and I very much appreciate the time we had together."

Rosie Rutherford

"I have had a genuinely productive and enhancing coaching experience working with Claire. Her listening and questioning skills have enabled and supported me to develop the plans I need and want for the next phase of my career.


Our regular meetings enhance how I am delivering this plan for myself, offering opportunities for accountability and growth. It is also a fun conversation and discussion, raising unexpected personal insights.


Investing in myself and working with Claire as a central part of this, has been a great decision for me. I have no hesitation in recommending Claire."

Consultancy Testimonials

Jean Cumming, Crisis Ltd

"I would like to thank Claire Carpenter for the amazing experience of her consultancy service and the years of collaboration we have experienced. In founding and progressing amazing development days of her coworking space, who better to guide me through a major transitional stage of my working life, which spans a long time! 

Our engagement helped give me clarity and realism. I saw that I was doing better than I realised in business after 27 years as Founder/CEO. I actually hadn’t factored in my personal strengths and knowledge.

We will all go from strength to strength with your willingness to be open, collaborate and embrace positive change. Thank you Claire."

Steve Mason, Creative Dunblane

"Creative Dunblane CIC is looking to set up as a charity perhaps undertaking some coworking. We were keen to know how to deliver a service which OSCR would acknowledge as being charitable rather than purely commercial. Claire gave us the facts and conveyed the enthusiasm that is needed to make this kind of project successful a community initiative. "

Christoph Fahle, One Coworking GmbH

"Claire knows so much about coworking that even I feel like a youngster sometimes that just started learning."

Laura, JRS Knowhow

"Claire is direct, analytical and compassionate. It was useful to hear that many people spend too long describing their organisation and in 15 minutes you really need to just get to the interesting discussions!"

Natalie Davidson, Agile City CIC

"Meeting with Claire was incredibly helpful at this stage in our business's journey. Our conversation helped me sharpen focus in terms of what might be the most important next steps to take, as well as which might be less so. I've come away from the meeting with some really positive thoughts and ideas - sincere thanks Claire for your time, ears and insight."

Christina Cran, Wee Seeds

"I had an #AskAnExpert call with Claire Carpenter. I can only say it was brilliant, both for me, and business-wise. I found it deeply helpful in challenging assumptions I'm making, and deep holes I've dug for myself. I also found it affirming in hearing that building something is hard, and that we don't have a map or a compass. Self-kindness and compassion is key. So I'm left with thoughtful questions to mull over, and find answers for - and they're deep questions that will involve cake and tea! 

Thank you Claire for giving your time and for being an ongoing source of encouragement for good people to do good things."

Mike Wilson,

"Claire was extremely empathetic and was kind enough to see the social value and professional potential of the website. It's always the 'daft laddie' questions that get you, and her questions - while 'simple' - were probing and provocative. Her advice was varied - so I need some more time to reflect on the merits of each element - but her input might well have a transformative effect on the business. I am extremely grateful that she made herself available. There was no need, but it was so helpful."

Angela Bradbury

"Thanks to Claire Carpenter for a really valuable chat the other day. I’m looking to grow infrastructure to support Sheffield-based community projects. Claire candidly shared her perspective on current trends and challenges, gave me some pointers of things to think about, and encouraged me to keep going with my research and find something that feels worth doing for both the sector and myself. Claire also recommended the Social Enterprise World Forum - I’m hoping to make it to the Edinburgh hub and look forward to more discussions there!"

Hugo Whitaker, Gracemount Mansion Development Trust

"The advice and information we received from The Melting Pot was very relevant to where we are at in terms of our current business development plans."

Sahil Vij, The Maitreya Network 

"I had my first session with Claire Carpenter at The Melting Pot; it was a fruitful time wherein I was able to clearly express my areas of concern and also hear back about how I could optimize myself and my work to better serve my needs and fulfil my goals. Overall, a fantastic and productive investment of my time and energy."

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