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This page outlines services separate and different from the coaching that I provide. If you’re interested in exploring working with me in any of the capacities outlined, then send me an email outlining what you are looking for, and book a ‘Quick-catch-up call’. We’ll take it from there. In all cases, my suitability, interest, price and terms are provided to you upon enquiry. 

My areas of expertise include:


Coworking, Flexi-work hubs, & Strategic Placemaking

Some examples of how I can add value include: clarifying vision & how to get there, understanding the pre-start & start-up stages, operations & business modelling, project planning, developing your team, improving your offering to customers, strategic influence, maximising income through the design of your floorplans, assessing/selecting partners & more...


Developing organisations & projects that make a social impact

There’s no doubt about it; making social change is exhilarating & exhausting! It’s a long-term game. A marathon of many sprints. Aside from leadership coaching, what expertise do you think you can draw upon from my many years in the Third Sector?

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