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Empowering People to Reach Their Full Potential

I just love making stuff happen - of having a goal, no matter how big or small, and working towards it. We get a good feeling getting that 'tick'.

I am also really energised when helping people identify, set & achieve their goals, overcome barriers, & become the person they want to be. 


We all need help to 'evolve', to see 'what else matters' and benefit from accountability for next steps.


It's fulfilling being able to coach people on their journey in life.  I love the practical nature of coaching as a direct way of supporting others.


My coaching service will help you identify your strengths & weaknesses, develop your mindset and leadership skills (of self or others), & create a roadmap of actions for your success.


With over 30 years of experience in making social change, leadership, enterprise, mentoring & executive coaching, I have helped countless people reach their full potential & achieve their professional & personal goals.

My coaching programmes are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.


I most often work 1-1 with individuals : entrepreneurs, placemakers, coworking leaders, social impact leaders - people who want to improve & make change in their personal life.

Why choose me as your coach?

I am kind, genuine, direct, empathetic & supportive in my personal style, & action-orientated if that’s what you want/ need.

I've got the T-shirt. I am experienced in life as a leader & as a coach.  

A ‘good life’ requires clarity of our personal vision which connects with our own personal values. A good life requires action, resilience, patience, dedication and persistence. It takes reflection, learning & application. Hindsight is a marvellous thing that we have to earn & make time for so that we can adapt & re-orientate. 

Navigating the steps for building a good, meaningful & fulfilling life means moving through professional & personal challenges, managing our fears & competing priorities.

​On my life's journey I have invested in trying to live my own ‘best life’; and of becoming a more ‘effective & better’ me. 

I value life-long learning & personal development, & am a practical learner. I have long held & sustained a deep curiosity about topics relating to: effectively making change (personal or social), leadership, motivation & the human brain. I anticipate this knowledge is of value beyond myself and it helps me understand & relate to the struggles others face.

I have three decades of expertise as a social innovator, entrepreneur, leader and CEO. Throughout this time, I have led & managed teams of employees, volunteers, trustees (charity boards) and stakeholders. I know what this takes & can take out of you.

​The majority of my professional life has been devoted to developing social enterprises and charitable business models. I am an innovator - a developer of approaches that stimulate & support social innovation. I am internationally renowned for my work building one of Europe's first Coworking hubs - The Melting Pot - which is Scotland's Centre for Social Innovation. I actively started out on that journey in 2003. 

20 years on, in 2023, I have committed to building up my coaching practice. I enjoy it. It's a different challenge & opportunity to help people make change.

During the 20 years I worked on and for The Melting Pot, I have worked with people at various phases of developing their own ventures, from start-up to scale-up, as well as with businesses, organisations, and the public sector. This has given me a wide range of experience & operational environments, in addition to a strong understanding of phases of organisational growth. 

I hope that in sharing a little about the person I am, and my experience, I have given you a sense of what makes me tick & my potential worth to you as a coach.  

If it feels right, feel free to contact me to start to explore if I’m the right fit for you. Book a free Coaching Chemistry Session now.


  • #RideTheWave - Professional Coach Training 2021
  • ILM Level 5 Leadership and Management 2019
  • Masters in Human Ecology 2003

Honours and Awards

  • Leadership Award, Creative Edinburgh - 2022
  • Flex Influencer, Flexibility Works - 2022
  • GCUC's Top 40 Women in Coworking (globally) - 2021
  • EU Euclid Network - Top 100 Female Social Entrepreneurs - 2021
  • Women in Social Enterprise Award (shortlist), Social Enterprise UK - 2017
  • Social Enterprise Ambassador 2016, Social Enterprise Scotland - 2016​
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