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Mentoring in leadership, governance, developing award winning businesses & social change initiatives

Service Description

Unlike coaching, ‘mentoring’ is based on leveraging another’s lived experience to navigate or accelerate your own journey. A mentor can be your ‘bright spot’, a guide, a neutral ally, and critical friend. They can share the benefit of hindsight and details of their specific life experiences, and also make connections or introductions to enhance your network. I can mentor you through the stages and processes of starting, developing or growing your enterprise, organisation or project. My speciality topics are of course in coworking, placemaking and social impact. But my experience is completely transferable outside the nonprofit sector. Business is business after all! And navigating the ‘leadership journey’ applies to all humans whatever sector they work in. Mentoring can be delivered online or in person (depending on your/my location & budget). Minimum 1 hour spend. If you're interested in exploring this service, please: - book an Ask an Expert session or Quick Catch-Up Call at - or complete the ‘Make Contact’ form below. Or review if Coaching is actually what you want & need?

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