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Compere, Panel Moderator or Speaker

Bring me in to help your gathering swing!

Service Description

Over the years I have attended & worked in many national & international conferences. I’ve been a speaker, panellist, moderator, facilitator, conference compere, and of course, a participant. I know what works. I speak clear, concise English. I am quick-thinking, can contribute intelligently and not hog the whole show. I have the ability to connect with others and connect them to others. I can put people at ease, and energise a room. I’m helpful, practical and can ‘organise stuff’. I am a great team player to have on your event team. I also ‘tick’ a variety of EDI checkboxes - but I’ll let you guess what ones they are! ;0) My hobby horses (top subjects) include talking about: - Making a social impact, developing social enterprise, social entrepreneurship, and speaking candidly about a 30-year career in the Third Sector… - Business development & the leadership journey - Stories and case studies of placemaking for economic regeneration & inclusion, rural vs urban models, developing communities of place or interest, and unlocking community assets. - General ambassador for Scotland (except the weather…) and its entrepreneurial & coworking ecosystems. For example, I can share stories and talks on: - My experience of developing a successful, award-winning social enterprise, which nearly died in Covid lockdowns – but didn’t – and then we grew it! - Essential elements of a successful Coworking business (or any social enterprise). - Squeezing the lemon! Going from good to great… - ‘Economic Regeneration’ type talks: --Hubs as a driver of regeneration & community inclusion --Unlocking Community Assets – the power of coworking to create resilient, enterprising communities --What can Coworking do for you and for [insert community/place name here]? --Why and how to initiate and grow your coworking community (in urban or rural areas) This is a 4-hour / ½ day minimum spend. Interested in talking to me about booking this service? Please: - Book a Quick Catch-Up Call at: - Or complete the ‘Make Contact’ form below. Or review if engaging me as a Facilitator is actually what you want & need?

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